Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sports Saturday

Saturday was a busy one for our family.  It began with C's first baseball game ever.  He wasn't interested at all in the sport until last year.  He has had exactly 1/2 of one formal practice in his whole life.  I wasn't sure how this first game might go. 

Here he is at the beginning of the game:  playing third base.  His team is obviously still learning a lot and it was a struggle of a game. this first inning:  C caught a ball for an out.  It was so cool and the grin on his face was priceless!!!

 K, J, V, and I had to leave only partially in to C's game so that we could get J to his game on time.  C's was at 9:30, J's was at 10:30, but the drive between the two locations is about 30 minutes.

CK stayed with C.  When he got up to bat, he not only hit the ball, he got an RBI, and, after stealing 2nd and 3rd, scored one of his team's two runs.  :)  Not bad.  Not bad at all for his first game ever!  :)

 It was bright and sunny at J's game with the sun coming right into our eyes, so I wasn't sure what pictures I would get.
 My nephew was also playing at the same time, but on a different field.  We went over to say "hi" to them during half time.  C and CK then made it to J's game.  I love the above picture of C sitting in this little pink chair.  :)

After the game, we went together to Pizza Hut with my sister and her kiddos.  (Thanks Mom and Dad K for the gift certificate!  We loved it!)

V ate sweet potatoes and munched on the crusts.  She gets such joy out of self feeding.  She has realized that she can do it by herself and loves it.
 C and my nephew, S.
 Here are our three boys, all in uniform.  It is great!  :)
 J, with my niece C.
 K with my niece, E.
 My niece, T.
 When we got home, C showed off his swing:
 And, here are my two boys in uniform:
 I love this picture:  They switched sports.  It is classic.

All-in-all, we had a great Saturday.  I love being Mom.  I love getting to watch my children play sports, play piano, sing, draw, act, or whatever else they choose to do.  I love the joy it brings them and I love the growth they experience.  At this moment, I am so thankful for the good men that volunteer their time to teach my boys and coach their teams.  It is a sacrifice for which I am so grateful.

Indeed, we are blessed.

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