Saturday, May 25, 2013

K's 8th grade Awards - I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E!!!

Thursday night was K's 8th grade awards.  Here is V waiting for the ceremony to begin.
 It was like a mini-graduation also.  They had many students speak of the places they have been and the places they will go.  One speech that particularly touched me talked about the stories that have been written over the last three years.  They each first came through those doors to the school as one person and will leave as different people.  They all have different stories to tell.  Stories of sports, friends, hardships.  Stories of classes, funny times, and challenges.  At the end, the speaker challenged them to pick up the pen as they begin this new chapter of high school and write a story worth reading.  Well said.  Well said.
 Here is K entering to sit down with her class, again in alphabetical order.
 Here is K as her name is being read for all her awards!!!  This school really has a lot to say about my kiddos.  So proud.
 My camera for some reason decided to delay the picture and I missed the handshake, but it at least took it of K up there with her principal.
 I was sitting on the aisle where they walked down to return to their seats.  I got to capture this one as she walked back.  So proud of her!
 These are K's best friends, J and C.  They are great girls and I am so pleased that she has chosen her friends well.
 My girl!
 I took one of K with her dad.  I think it is so important to have him on here as much as possible, too, as this is our family history through blogging and when he is part of it, I want it captured.
 Another of K's best friends, G.
 Since I had V and all of our things at the ceremony, K and I took a picture together after we got home.  Kind of cheesy, but it is us! for the list of K's awards:
  • A/B Honor Roll (All A's and B's all year long)
  • UIL  1st place Dictionary Skills
  • Coyote Circle:  Lone Star Reading Recognition (Reading outside of class 14 books and passing tests on district sponsors this)
  • Coyote Circle:  Pre-AP Science (Coyote Circle:  Student is selected by each individual's teacher's criteria for academic recognition)
  • Coyote Circle:  Speech
  • Coyote Service Award (Based on written recommendations from 8th grade teachers; students are honored for outstanding school commitment, pride, and service to the school.)
  • Top Coyote: Young Author / English (One boy and one girl are selected as Top Coyotes for each core subject:  English, Science, Social Studies, Math)

 SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!  Way to go, K!!!
 K is beautiful and smart!  I am so proud of her!  Look at all these awards!  So cool.  Poor J has to follow in both hers and C's footsteps.  I hope all my kids know that I am so proud to be their Mama, awards or not.  Trying your best is what I expect.  No more.  No less.  I am so proud of their accomplishments, but that is because I know how hard they have worked.  If they had worked so hard and no one knew it, I would be equally (maybe even more) proud.

For example, K has worked her tail off in Algebra.  She has worked and worked and worked.  Not much has been said about this, but I am so proud of her.  She began the year trying to float by as she always has in math.  When she started getting B's, she took it upon HERSELF to work and study and she does.  She has had great success and much improvement in Algebra and I am so proud of her.  So proud of her and there is no award that could demonstrate that pride.  She didn't get an award for math, but I think that is where I am most proud!!!

On another note, these pictures were taken after the awards on Thursday, so I am including them in this post:
 Here is V.  Cheesy.  Cheesy.  Cheesy!!!!!  This is not the most flattering look for her, but it is how she smiles at us lately and it just cracks us up.  She squints her little face and smiles.  It is funny to watch.
 I love how she enjoys her daddy.  They are both so happy!
Another cheesy smile, but at least I can see her eyes.  :)  Love her!

Don't I have a great life?  I love my kids.  I love them all.  I am so blessed.  At this very minute, A and CK are driving home from the airport!  I get to have all 5 kids together for two weeks.  Can you say E.X.C.I.T.E.D?!?!?!?  We have had a countdown on our wall all month.  J, in particular, has been counting down the days for A to get here!  So cool!  So blessed.  Happy Life!

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You do have a great life! And you've worked so hard for it... you deserve it!