Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We all make mistakes....and it warms this mother's heart

Tonight, I just have a quick story that I would like to preserve in our family history, a.k.a. my blog. 

Today, J came home from school and says, "I have two bad things that happened, one was my fault."  When I asked him to explain what had happened, he told me that he had a sub at school (that was the bad thing that wasn't his fault).  They had been allowed to play math centers and he and his friend had worked together to build some towers with their blocks.  J had then decided that they should show the sub and tell her that his friend made one tower and he made the other, all by themselves (instead of telling her that they did them together).

This is what they did.  J explained that after they did that, he felt really bad and yucky for lying to the teacher.  He said that he went into his cubby and prayed and asked for forgiveness then he tried to get his friend to go with him to explain to the sub that they had lied and that they had really worked together.  His friend said, "I lie all the time, it isn't a big deal" and they ended up not saying anything.

WOW!  I am so impressed.  We all make mistakes and we all need to repent.  J put into practice many lessons today:  recognizing the bad feeling that comes with making bad choices, the need to repent, and the joy of correcting the mistakes that have been made.  I hope he always remember this.  Oh, the faith of a young child.  I am blessed to be his Mom.

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