Friday, May 3, 2013


Our Tuesdays are crazy.  They have become more and more full and there doesn't seem to be a distribution of the wealth.

Last Tuesday was so crazy that I had to create a schedule.  For our Family History sake, I thought it would be fun to include it.  I should have just taken a picture of it....but I crossed them off as we went and I don't know how readable they would be in a picture.

Tues. Schedule
4:30 Dinner
4:45 M leaves to get C from trumpet private lesson
5:15 Family Prayer
5:30 D drives K to school for NJHS induction (she is helping induct the 7th graders)
        Then D and C run to the store to buy a baseball
        Then D and C go to C's baseball practice (starts at 6:00)
5:50 M and J and V leave to meet the cub scouts at the park where they are hiking
6:45 M and J and V leave the park to head to the church to be there for C's Court of Honor
7:00  All but K at Court of Honor
7:30  D goes to presidency meeting
        And M and J and V head to the middle school to pick up K
7:50  M drops off J and K at the house
8:00  M and V at the church for Cub Scout form turn-in
8:25  M and C and V go home

We had to skip a couple of things that we just could not fit in the evening:  J's football practice (6:30) and K's Young Women's activity.  J was so bummed that he could not go to football - he loves it, but we only have two drivers.

The next couple of Tuesdays are equally as bad!  I don't even know when D (CK)'s presidency meetings, visits, and missionary exchanges will be yet!

Next Tuesday we have C's band concert, C's trumpet lesson, J's football (game), C's baseball practice, K's young women, and C's scouts.  Something will have to give for sure!

And the next Tuesday:  I have to be at Pack Meeting, and C's trumpet lesson, J's football practice (last one!), C's baseball practice, K's young women activity, and C's scouts.

Still crazy the next Tuesday, but at least J's football will be over.  K's choir concert, C's trumpet lesson, C's baseball practice, K's young women, and C's scouts.

I am a huge believer in not over-scheduling and the rest of the problem, but, for some reason to have both boys' sports, plus church activities, plus school events all on the same ends up being overscheduled, but just for Tuesdays!  :)  It looks like I will be doing Crock-pot meals on Tuesdays.  If anyone has any family favorite Crock-pot meals, I would love them!!!  All-in-all, we are so blessed to have so many kids and so many activities for each one!  :)

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nikko said...

Everytime we schedule the boys in sports I end up regretting it because it causes us to be SO busy. I hate it. I'm such a homebody, though! Time to cut out activities! But, on the flip side, we have more time during the day, so it's nice to schedule what we can during the day -- piano, choir, etc.