Saturday, May 11, 2013

J's 7th Field Day

Yesterday was J's 7th field day, but it was his first one that he got to participate in.  He was so excited!  He has been watching field days since he was V's age.  Every year at least two field days and FINALLY, one for him!   (The two came first from both K and C, but I also went each year to the field days for the girls that I mentored.)  He was always such a good sport, but it was so refreshing to have him get to participate.  Now it is V's turn to watch.  :)  She will have 6 of them before she starts Kindergarten also.

As you know, I loved, loved, loved the elementary school where K and C went.  Loved it.  But, last year we moved.  That means that J started at a different elementary school.  I love it!  Love it!  Love it!  The school is amazing.  They are so organized and so family-oriented.  I love being there and I love what this school does for the kids.  We are so blessed.

 Here he is ready to go- swim trunks and all.  :)

 The weather pulled a fast one on us.  It started out warm and the hourly prediction is that it would continue to warm up.  It was a little foggy, but nothing else.  Hmmm....that is not how it ended up being.  It got colder and colder.  The funny thing was I almost grabbed a jacket for V, but decided that I am always the over-prepared mom and I decided to go with the weather forecast and brought sunscreen, but no jacket.

Right away I had her snuggled up in her blanket in the stroller.  At least she was smiling!

 First, J walked on these stilt cups.  It was hard for him, but it was hard for most of the Kindergarteners.

 Next they did a wet-sponge-over-the-head relay.  They were soooooooooooo cold after this!  All of them were shivering and shivering.

 Luckily, the over-prepared in me had brought a towel for J that not only dried him off, but warmed him up.

 V did so well.  We were there for about three hours and she just was amazing, especially for having me awaken her early, change her, and put her directly in her car seat.  Here she is chilling and drinking her morning bottle.

 They had 16 stations.  This was one of their favorites - an obstacle course bounce house.  It was hard to get pictures of them, they were moving so fast while jumping and the obstacles were in the way.

 Another one was balloon volleyball, modified for Kindergarten.  Some of the 8th graders from the middle school had been asked to help with this field day.  These young men stood on one side of the net and tossed the balloons over for the Kindergarteners to catch.  It was so sweet to watch them on their patience, as well as how well planned this was for this age group.  By now, the rain had begun and everything and everyone was wet.

 I love J's face of concentration in the above picture.

 When it began to rain kind of hard, I pulled out the hat I had for V to protect her from the sun (HA!) and put J's towel over the stroller and really tried to keep her dry.  She seems to be having a good time in her little cave.

 What would a field day be with a sack race?

 They were throwing sponges for another water game.  I just loved catching the throwing action in this picture.

 The rain turned into sprinkles and V was tired.  She fussed a little, but I rocked her in my arms until she fell asleep.  I then was able to put her back in the stroller.  It did mean that I wasn't able to take pictures of a few of the events.  That is just fine.  We have plenty!

 This was a fun one where they had to run with these pizza boxes AND jump hurdles.  It was cute.  I especially loved the action that I caught with this picture as he leaped the hurdle.

 The sun is coming out finally (for only the last three events), but you can finally see the shadows!

 I included a series of pictures with this event, since the pure joy on their faces is priceless as they try to keep that ball from touching the ground.  :)

 And, a V update....she spit out her pacifier, and was raising her hand (while sleeping).

 Tire rolling.

Last event...This one was supposed to be with the buckets overhead, but since it was the last event, they let the kids choose.  I think this was because they would be headed inside and might not want to be sopping wet.

And this is how V ended the day.  This is the back of the stroller.  It is hard to visualize, but she is sticking her hand out the back of the stroller (still sleeping).  It is super cute.

What a great morning.  I am so lucky that I get to be a mom.  So lucky.  I love each of my kids so very much.  Love them.  I am so blessed.  I have a good life.

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